Children are not perfectly obedient, from time to time they can be capricious, refuse to obey adults, crying, throwing tantrums, etc Parents can be difficult due to the fact that they can’t always understand what it is: a normal stage of development or alarming signals, which should immediately consult a neurologist and start treatment.

To finally understand the reason of such behavior of the child, be patient and stay a few days ideal parents, but that is tough. Whatever the situation may happens, you need to remain calm, in any case do not yell at the child and not break. But of course, this is not about permissiveness, parents ‘ behavior in any case, it should be objective. If all the problems stem from improper education, in these “perfect” days of the child’s behavior will improve dramatically and it will be noticeable. If a child has certain problems of neurological nature, the problems still remain.

From this test it follows that the child will behave well only if the good and right will behave parents.

Most parents are concerned a few of the symptoms in the child’s behavior.

Primarily, this aggressiveness, this child really scary, it is unknown what to expect. Very often the aggression the child absorbs from parents, you need to pay attention to their own behavior. If the parents do always to behave benevolently and justly, it is necessary to understand the cause of aggression. Parents should worry when the aggression of the child, there just so, that is he unjustly tries anyone to bite, hit, etc.

Another alarming symptom — shyness, autism, these concepts are often confused because the symptoms are similar to each other. When a child spends all the time alone, at best it could be shyness, in the worst — autism, shyness is still possible to cope with autism is much harder. If parents are inclined to believe that the child has autism, you should go to a psychologist.

Children are often inattentive, is that they tend to, especially at an early age, they find it difficult to sit still in one place, so this may be normal, but if after five or six years, the child can not what to concentrate, hear, parents, etc. It should alert seriously, as it can actually be a symptom of certain types of problems.

Increased activity is also a subjective concept, children in the active principle, and that’s fine, much worse if the child is passive. But there is such a diagnosis as hyperactivity, and it really is a real medical diagnosis on which to work. If the child because of his activity does things that may be dangerous to life and health, it is a reason to consult a specialist.

You need to clearly see the difference between the shortcomings in the upbringing and problems in psychology and neurology child, because these problems are treated differently.

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