In society today there is an acute problem with alcoholism. From alcohol suffer from a perfectly healthy and successful people. Alcohol does not spare neither men nor women. Why can’t a person to give up drinking alcohol on your own?

In recent years the number of alcoholics among women is increasing. It is assumed that female alcoholism is incurable. This disease belongs to the category of psycho-narcological diseases.

What are the features of the disease?

The main features of the disease in women and men have no differences. But there are a number of specific features, which are characteristic only for the female alcoholism. And here we are not talking about methods of treatment. Here we will focus on the signs that affect the development of the disease. Such features are usually attributed:

  • A kind of psycho-emotional instability in women. This suggests that the female body perceives the surrounding world is not the logical side of his mind, and the intuitive
  • Huge the susceptibility of liver tissues to the damaging effects of ethanol
  • Weak structure of nerve cells and their weak connection between them. What disturbed nerve signal transmission during the initial stages of alcoholism
  • Weak blood flow in the liver and spleen
  • Weak structure of blood-brain bar. Due to this feature, the liquor is delivered to vulnerable neurons, with virtually no interference
  • The slow metabolism of ethanol due to the reduced excretory function of the skin and kidneys
  • The great rapidity of absorption in the intestine
  • Mutual exclusion of sex hormones women and products as a result of splitting of alcohol

Therefore, the female body becomes accustomed to the use of alcohol faster than men. This female half of the population denies the need for alcohol. The brain, liver, other organs are affected from alcohol in the early stages of development of alcoholism. This disease from the beautiful half of the population develops quite rapidly.

Signs and symptoms of addiction

Any alcoholic does not recognize their illness. In women, this question is even more acute than that of men. Weak half of humanity psihoemozionale less stable, so if others are not the right way of life, in the next time and the woman addicted to bad habits.

The structure of any medication against alcohol includes products that cause poisoning. For example, in the Alcovirin contains components that appeal aversion to alcohol. But to avoid taking these drugs is to prevent the disease in the early stages of development. There are the following symptoms:

  • Great desire to drink alcohol
  • Denial any comments about the abuse
  • The increasing doses of taken alcohol
  • Loss of interest in Hobbies
  • The closeness of the person, refusal to communicate with other people
  • Bouts of inappropriate behavior
  • The decrease in the level of intelligence
  • The adoption of alcohol alone
  • On the face there are signs of cyanosis and puffiness
  • Growing belly due to the fact that in liver cirrhosis
  • Weak tremors in the hands

Presents symptoms and signs gradually accumulated, it is a kind of overlaying one to another. The lower the excitability of the vomiting center in the brain, the more progressive the disease. This can lead to the fact that the woman is an alcoholic will not be prone to nausea and vomiting.

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