Methodically, scientists continue to discover new useful properties of breast milk. As found by researchers from the United States, compared to formula milk breastfeeding significantly reduces the risk of the baby infectious diseases of the ear.

The staff of the National pediatric hospital in the American city of Columbus (Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus) has received another evidence that breast milk is irreplaceable from the point of view of benefits for the body of the child.

They for years have watched almost 500 children since their birth and until the age of 12 months.

During this period, the researchers repeatedly questioned the mothers about the feeding habits of kids. Mothers who for one reason or another have been feeding babies exclusively with formula milk, your participation in this study is not accepted.

Other young mothers were divided into 3 equivalent groups: those who fed toddlers breastfeeding exclusively; the second subgroup was included women who were breast feeding their children either only breast milk, but regularly use your own expressed milk, and finally the third group included participants who used direct breast-feeding, expressed milk and formula milk.

The authors of this study found that during the first 6 months of life compared with children of the third subgroup the risk of ear infections in babies of the first subgroup was lower by 17%.
In addition, reducing the risk of developing ear infections was much more pronounced in children of the first subgroup compared with the children from the second subgroup, that are also fed exclusively breast milk, including expressed.

Simultaneously, these researchers found that the risk of developing diarrhea during the first 6 months of life was significantly lower in children from the first group, which were fed exclusively with mother’s milk directly from the breast.

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