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Methods of surgery have been effective in the treatment of impotence

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Methods of restoration of blood flow through a major vessel, developed by surgeons, proved to be quite suitable for use in some other area of medicine – stent, saving the heart from a heart attack, now gives men the potency, as well as products

Over the past decades, surgeons often have to restore blood flow by narrowing of the major blood vessels (primarily feeding the heart) with a stent – a fine metal tube that provides continuous lumen of the vessel. Read More

The day of awareness about rare disease – Mucopolysaccharidosis

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15 may – international day of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis – a severe genetic disease associated with congenital metabolic disorders. Read More


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The reason for the increased libido in men, as stated is often a psychological disorder, which is based on a feeling of inferiority and uncertainty in their sexual abilities. The origins of this may be, for example, unsuccessful first sexual intercourse. As a result, the man must constantly reaffirm their own sexual viability, engaging in numerous sexual acts with different partners.

For nymphomaniacs is also characterized by a constant sexual frustration and fantasy on sexual-erotic theme. Unlike women, who tend to promiscuity, but are not nimfomanki, women with this disorder often do not control their desires for them no matter the age, appearance and even gender of the partner. Read More