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Long-term use of medications “heartburn” was fraught with serious danger

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The development of drugs that reduce the gastric acidity and reduces the risk of heartburn, has become one of the most important achievements of pharmaceutical industry of the twentieth century. However, these medications if uncontrolled can cause serious consequences. Read More

The sharp rise in accidents on the roads – a consequence of the legalization of marijuana

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Currently, recreational marijuana use is allowed in 5 States – a few more I plan to fully legalize weed in the near future. It’s possible that data published by scientists, will force legislators to reconsider.

In December 2012 the American state of Washington (Washington) became the second administrative-territorial unit of the United States (after Colorado) in which it was permitted to use marijuana not only for medical reasons, but with the purpose of getting intoxicated. Read More

Discovered new and useful properties of fish and seafood

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Doctors recommend that people of middle and old age to regularly include in the diet of fatty fish, because it is good for the heart and blood vessels. However, it turned out that this fish and also shrimp and other seafood contribute to and strengthen memory. Read More

Tinting car Windows is a very good idea (from the point of view of physicians)

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Excessive exposure to sunlight significantly increases the risk of developing not only skin cancer but diseases to the eye. Meanwhile, according to scientists, the glass in the cars of many of today’s models do not provide adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation. Read More

“Russian roulette” to improve the potency

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Numerous dietary Supplements to improve the potency, which is played on all TV channels may soon disappear from television, and from pharmacies. Instead they use kamagra. Against them he fought from the Supervisory authorities, the Association of manufacturers of dietary Supplements, the Union of professional partorganizatsii and the pharmacy Guild. Read More

How to understand the causes of impotence?

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To exclude urogenital disease, need to consult a urologist or andrologist, followed by ultrasound study, blood tests and sperm taking bacteriological smears. For impotence cialis use. If there is a suspicion that your problem is related to hormonal disorders, consult an endocrinologist. May require ultrasound endocrine glands, computed tomography. Laboratory diagnostics will help to establish the level of a hormone in the blood. Read More

In kidney disease salt-free diet is an important component of treatment

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In the past year were published at least 2 scientific work, the authors believe that to limit the intake of salt should only people suffering from hypertension. But this group can be attributed to patients with certain kidney diseases. Read More

The “reader” for pediatricians: 50 scientific works, who should know children’s doctor

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In the largest University publishing planet, a book that may interest every pediatrician, at least a little reading in English. A group of scientists has identified the 50 most relevant for today’s scientific works in the field of Pediatrics. Read More

Methods of surgery have been effective in the treatment of impotence

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Methods of restoration of blood flow through a major vessel, developed by surgeons, proved to be quite suitable for use in some other area of medicine – stent, saving the heart from a heart attack, now gives men the potency, as well as products.

Over the past decades, surgeons often have to restore blood flow by narrowing of the major blood vessels (primarily feeding the heart) with a stent – a fine metal tube that provides continuous lumen of the vessel. Read More

The day of awareness about rare disease – Mucopolysaccharidosis

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15 may – international day of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis – a severe genetic disease associated with congenital metabolic disorders. Read More