New data on the cause of frequent and painful heartburn

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American researchers believe that the existing for many decades, the idea that the gastroesophageal reflux disease causes a chemical burn of the esophagus acidic stomach contents, is fundamentally wrong. Read More

How shift work affects mental ability

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Despite the computerization and robotization of production, there are still many professions which involve operating on a rolling basis. However, the associated inevitable disruption of internal biological clocks is bad for the brain. Read More

Do you know what sex is?

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What is sex? It turns out that the concept of “sex” so broadly that not in all cases possible to determine whether there was sexual intercourse or not. It all depends on a clear definition of the process, which everyone – his own, writes

Many people claim that sex can mean not what you think, and your notion of sex may cause confusion in other people. Scientists from Indiana University, USA, found that trying to define the word “sex”, the representatives of different generations do not come to a unanimous conclusion. Read More

Viagra as a means of improving memory: an unusual experiment

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Viagra, the drug that returned the joy of sex tens of millions of men all over the world, may find new use. These are for informational purposes on confirms that British scientists are beginning a study that should determine whether viagra to help preserve the intelligence in the elderly.

Scientists from the University of London St George’s (St George’s, University of London) to complete the formation of volunteer groups, which will consist of 50 men and women aged 65 years. Read More


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Stuttering is a complex problem that requires serious work. Stuttering children are very worried about this defect, so the task of parents — to help to overcome it but need to know how to act.

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