The pressure on the spinal cord, can cause disruption in the functioning limbs of the patient, which will lead to disability. To eliminate this illness there are surgery — cervical decompression.

A major factor in normal functioning of all the limbs of man is a good conduction paths of the nervous system that transmits information from the brain to the muscles. All information enters through the spinal cord and is distributed further. More information about the disease can be found on the website here you will learn all about the spinal anesthesia.


Any disorder on the part of the spinal cord can cause many dysfunctions in the body. The body processes the information from the brain to the limbs, and in reverse order. When violations of the conductivity of neural pathways, the information from the head can be bad to go to the extremities that causes poor coordination of movements, or paralysis. For the same reasons can be broken the transmission of information from nerve receptors to the brain, causing a feeling of numbness.

Dysfunction of the spinal cord arise as a consequence of various diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. Various tumors also have a negative impact on the fabric of the spinal cord. One of the main causes of disruptions are physical changes of the spine. They manifest into wear or injury to the bones and vertebrate disks. All this leads to the fact that the spinal canal begins to narrow, zadamlya spinal cord. You should continue a gradual deterioration of the patient’s health.


Surgery is done to relieve pressure on the spinal cord that can inhibit the deterioration of the health of the patient. However, it should be noted that in severe spinal cord injuries an operation may be useless.

The progress of the operation.

  • Preparatory phase in which the patient has to undergo a series of tests and examinations.
  • the Beginning of the operation. Patient lead to the anesthesia and connected to a respirator. The patient lies on the abdomen, his head is fixed by special devices. The neck shaved area of the skin, which later will be cut. The skin is completely cleaned and disinfected.
  • On the spine of the patient draw a vertical line to cut and the horizontal lines representing individual vertebrae. The surgeon makes an incision along the spine of the patient.
  • Next, the operation depends on the cause of pinched nerves.

At the initial stage, the patient will be difficult to move without available funds. However, a week later, the activity level of the patient increases. Discharge from hospital is often carried out after 6-7 days after the operation, if not detected any complications. After 2-3 months the patient does not feel any discomfort, movements come back to normal, gait is confident.

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