Laboratory – a place almost sacred to those who work in the medical field, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Here, experiments are carried out, developing new medicines, are made various analyses and experiments for scientific and industrial purposes. Manufacturers of laboratory equipment constantly improve and Refine the range of analytical instruments, reagents and other test equipment that allows to study more deeply the properties of raw materials and increase the level of product quality.

Sanitary requirements for maintenance of laboratory

So, what should be a laboratory room to meet all health and sanitation standards necessary to carry out the relevant work? Requirements are as follows:

  • the location of the laboratory should be away from the noise and vibration, preferably in a separate building or a separate floor;
  • the natural lighting of the rooms is provided by large Windows (and the light should fall on the work area to the left or center), artificial – daylight lamps, wall and ceiling lamps;
  • each employee must have 14 sq. m. of floor space;
  • each workstation is equipped with a Desk, as needed computer and office equipment;
  • the laboratory should have running water, sanitation, continuously with supply of electric current, gas. To the chemical analyst was carried out quickly and efficiently, the room must be provided for the installation of compressed air and vacuum, and sinks for washing of tools and capacities for storage of distilled water.

And the last requirement: every lab must be provided with fire safety and evacuation plan in case of force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).

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