The students in the classroom and at home, working on tasks, sitting, hunched over. Parents and teachers are used to it. Posture of the child is not the best, but it’s worth a shout — say, Mike, straighten up! — how the problem will be solved. And only at school medical examinations the doctors shake their heads. If children under seven years old posture is found in each of the third, the students the numbers are more impressive. In this age group, 67 percent of children suffer from scoliosis in varying degrees.

Here lies the danger. The majority of parents believes that since scoliosis is so common, it is not dangerous. In many cases, the disease really complacent on the first or second degree. It is possible to live a normal life, a defect of the spine almost invisible. But sometimes, especially if there is a genetic predisposition scoliosis “shoots” in a matter of months bending figure of the child until the third or fourth degree. There are already mommies and daddies, it is time to sound the alarm. Most of the doctors in this case, the patient is prescribed the standard treatment: physiotherapy, swimming, massage. But a significant effect during these stages they do not. Suffers from the appearance of the child, develop the associated disease caused by compression of the internal organs.

Comes to the aid of the corset chenault. Back in the 70s it was invented by a military doctor from France, Jacques chenault. His corset is a stiff piece of plastic, which is made according to individual measurements of the child. From the body the patient removed the plaster cast, made corset, try on and customize it. Inside glued pelot, increasing the pressure to the desired area of the spine. And round and oval cutouts in the corset allow you to push them scoliosis affected areas of the body, “Radicati” clenched muscles.

Appoint corset chenault, if the curvature of the spine in a child is more than twenty degrees. When the disease is running, wearing a corset can improve the condition of the spine, to prepare for the surgery. Surgical intervention in this case will be more gentle.

Contraindications to wearing a corset a little. This is a serious disease of the skin, respiratory failure.

Wearing a corset is not easy. The majority of the children it is administered on 20-21 hours a day. And so year after year — until about 18 years of age. Parents and the little patient will have every three months to see a doctor to do a child’s x-rays, re-fit the corset or to produce a new one — as children grow up. There is also a psychological problem: the student, wearing a corset feels that he is “special”, afraid — suddenly peers will tease him.

Physicians have provided it. With those assigned to corset chenault, necessarily psychologists. The corset can paint according to your desire in a variety of colors. For example, “blue Python”, or “jeans”. You can also hide the corset under clothing spacious. The reward for years of treatment will be as straight as a line, back and Royal posture.

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