What is sex? It turns out that the concept of “sex” so broadly that not in all cases possible to determine whether there was sexual intercourse or not. It all depends on a clear definition of the process, which everyone – his own, writes sildenafil100france.com

Many people claim that sex can mean not what you think, and your notion of sex may cause confusion in other people. Scientists from Indiana University, USA, found that trying to define the word “sex”, the representatives of different generations do not come to a unanimous conclusion. For example, about 30% of people who took part in the survey do not consider oral sex sex itself. About the same 20% of respondents were excluded from the lovemaking anal sex. Interestingly, some men of the older generation is not considered sex and traditional intercourse.

Of the 204 women and 282 men aged 18-96 years, who participated in the survey, 95% agreed that penile-vaginal sex act is, however, this figure drops to 89% if, as a result of sexual intercourse in men does not occur ejaculation. 81% of survey participants did not strike out anal sex list of sexual positions, however, when the participants were split by age groups, it was found that a full-fledged sex anal intercourse believe 77% of men aged 18-29 years and 50% of men and 67% of women 65 years and older. 73% of respondents believe that oral contact with the genitals of a partner is the same sex.

Previously, scientists have carried out a similar survey among students who also came to a consensus about what can be considered sex. Scientists are worried that such subjective perceptions of sex can have a significant impact on research in this area, medical assistance, and the effectiveness of legislative and educational initiatives. “Researchers, doctors, parents, teachers should be aware that their definition of sex may not coincide with the definition of others”, – experts warn.

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