In may 2017 will be the next world health Assembly, which will elect a new Director-General of who. Although before the elections the head of this organization is still a whole year, candidates for high office have already started to assert itself.

Margaret Chan (Margaret Chan) who heads the world health organization (who) in 2006, next year, apparently, will leave his post.

One of the real candidates for the position of the Secretary-General of the who experts call the 63-year-old Philippe Douste-Blazy (Philippe Douste-Blazy), a cardiologist by training and a diplomat by vocation.

10 years ago Douste-Blazy for 23 months headed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France (France), and was in charge of the ministries of culture and health.

The other day, speaking in Paris (Paris) at a special press conference, Philippe Douste-Blazy said that in case of his election as who Director-General, he will ensure that the participants in large international commercial transactions paid in the budget of this organizatsii small tax.

The budget increase will help to improve the work of the who regional offices and enhance the efficiency of the entire organization. Currently, the main donor countries have the right to require that 75% of the amounts that they transfer to the who’s budget is spent in accordance with their wishes.

Method that offers a Philippe Douste-Blazy, will not only increase the budget of the who, but will also allow the leadership of the organization more flexibly manages their funds.

You can be sure that Douste-Blazy really knows how to really replenish the budget of the who. Since 2006 he heads the organization UNITAID, which facilitates the creation of new, more effective drugs to treat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and supply them to developing countries.

The UNITAID budget is largely formed by a special tax on tickets that are purchased in some countries (France, UK and several other States, which established the organization).

On a question of journalists, what kind of international transaction it is planning to levy a special tax to Supplement the budget of the who, Philippe Douste-Blazy refused to answer.

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