If an erection fell, then the doctor must prescribe the test for the level of hormones. After all, weak erection is often observed in men with a violation of their generation. Of course you can buy cheap cialis tablets in the store and thereby solve the problem.

One of those important hormones that are involved including the maintenance of a stable erection and active sexual desire is the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is produced in the male gonads (testicles). If the patient has inflammation, tumors, the synthesis can be disrupted.

In addition to testosterone, the impact on the work of the reproductive system men provide other hormones. These include, in particular, include estrogen and prolactin.

Estrogen, which is often called “the female hormone”, has the property to inhibit the synthesis of the testicular male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for erections and sexual function in men.

Prolactin is also necessary for the harmonious working of the male body as a female, but it is produced in men in small in comparison with the woman quantities. When excessive its formulation reduces the level of testosterone you receive hormonal imbalance, the level of erection falls, can cause hypogonadism or testicular failure. It is the disruption of the male body, due to a decrease in androgens, which is characterized by the underdevelopment of genitals, secondary sex characteristics and often leads to impotence and infertility.

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