This article tells about the main rules and nuances that must be considered in order to provide fast hair growth, and avoid certain factors, traumatizing the follicles.

As a rule, long and gorgeous hair are one of the most important attributes of female beauty. However, not every representative of the fairer sex is endowed by nature with luxurious hair. Therefore, there are certain rules and guidelines that will help to grow hair:

  • Initially, it is recommended to avoid excessive strain on the bulbs. You should trim the ends of your hair, thereby significantly improve the nutrition of the strands;
  • The ends of the hair should be protected from adverse effects of external factors, such as air. In this case it is better to use a high hair;
  • It is strongly recommended to abandon the Hairdryer, tongs and other attributes, which strongly heat up the strands. You should prefer natural method of drying;
  • In order to prevent separation of the ends, they should always be hydrated. This will help the hair conditioning mask. To buy an air conditioner and mask on the site presented here label cosmetics. Also useful properties of jojoba oil;
  • Hair should be protected from exposure to ultraviolet light, as its rays are negative. It is better to use hats or heat drugs;
  • It is also necessary to abandon the use of pins and rubber bands, as they too can damage the hair;
  • Strands should be brushed very carefully. The hair needs to be dry;
  • Especially harmful to the health of hair perming or colouring. You should not use such manipulation very often;
  • One of the main factors that affect the condition and appearance of hair is stress.

Thus, in order to grow hair and maintain their beauty are advised to follow the above recommendations. In addition, it is useful to use the people’s money, which will have a more noticeable result.

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