Various problems with the spine are not uncommon nowadays, as more and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle, often staying in sitting position. Herniation of the cervical characterized by a pinched spinal cord or nerves which depart from it. It happens because accumulate a specific liquid.

See two stages of this disease. In the initial phase it’s just that sometimes there are unpleasant sensations in the neck, especially when head movements. As the hernia develops and passes to the next stage, there are symptoms that will be described later.

Symptoms of herniated cervical spine.

Is this disc herniation at a later stage quite clearly:

  • Very often the entire head hurts, and the pain in his temples and the back of the head more pronounced.
  • Also the head is often spinning.
  • Often feeling weak, you cannot perform business as usual.
  • Frequent pain in the neck.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Tapping at the temples.
  • Excessive sweating, which did not exist before.
  • Sometimes numb neck and hands.

The causes of this hernia.

So, the occurrence of a hernia of the cervical spine there are quite clear reasons. At risk are people whose relatives once treated for that disease or are cured from it now. But also on the development of a hernia affect the way of life in which the person moves little excessive loads on the neck and back, and large weight. In addition, can provoke injuries of the cervical.

That is, the prevention of this disease will be high-quality and frequent physical activity, quitting sedentary lifestyle, proper diet (less sweet, salty, fatty, starchy foods and more vegetables, fruits, cereals, cooked poultry and water), restriction of heavy physical labor.

Treatment of a hernia of the cervical spine.

If you notice signs of this disease need to consult a neurologist. It can hold a choice of a tomography, x-ray or myelography for accurate diagnosis. Then the doctor prescribes the treatment, which depends on the degree of severity of the disease.

Most often when this hernia prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, chondroprotector, various vitamins such as A, B, C, E. Also prescribe physical therapy. There are exercises to strengthen back and neck muscles: different deflections, bending, playing with gantelkami.

In addition, popular methods of treatment are short, but regular massage of neck and back specialist, physical therapy (electrophoresis), various manual therapy . If the hernia is discovered in poor condition, surgery may be needed, as, for example, puncture hernia or removes it.

After the treatment of hernia must continue to do exercises to strengthen muscles, to prevent the emergence of excess weight, in any case, do not overstrain yourself physically. Overall, another rehabilitation is not required if the time to begin to solve this problem.

Neglected hernias can lead to disability.

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