Unfortunately, today’s living conditions can often contribute to the development of skin diseases, which impose a “taboo” to use certain types of cosmetics or care products. It is understood that the skin is exposed to such disease, as dermatitis is different from sensitive because it has its own peculiarities. In order to properly learn how to care for problem skin, it is necessary to know the specific symptoms of dermatitis. While dermatitis has many types and manifests itself visually as a reddish plaque, to avoid provoking the disease is still possible. The cause of this disease can be both external and internal factors. Of course, as for the second group of reasons, we need to get the aid of a medical professional. But with the first aspect you can try to cope on their own.

First and foremost, to maintain normal skin condition, it is understood that funds meant for all skin types, absolutely not suitable for effective care. The whole treatment can be divided into several stages.

Stages of care:

  • As a rule, you should start with the stage of purification. Since the skin prone to dermatitis, may be treated as a normal to oily type, you can use universal toner, which will remove various surface contaminants, and cleanses the pores. In addition, at night you can use a chamomile solution and wipe over the face. This will bring a calming effect, and reduce the risk of unwanted irritation. It is not recommended to use “hard” means to care, as this may cause the appearance dermatitic plaques.
  • In the second stage, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the skin. In this case you should use the cream of average fat content because the cream for dry skin contains more fat, which can also cause either an allergic reaction or dermatitis.
  • It is understood that not every cosmetic product can be suitable for care. It is best to avoid funds that promise to eliminate many problems. Because they may contain substances allergens that trigger contact dermatitis. To avoid this, it is better to choose the most universal medium, where as the basis used herbal or natural supplements.
  • As for makeup, it is certain that, means that a particular brand will fit perfectly, no guarantees there. Therefore it is better to choose a small area to apply and do not wash it for two to three hours. If a response did not arise, the tested tool can be used for the entire face. In that case, if the dermatitis began to spread around the face, it is recommended to stop using any cosmetics and use only the cream that was recommended by the specialist.

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