Choose an effective drug for a patient with depression is no easy task, as the result of treatment is not immediately evident. Therefore, a rapid method of determining the effectiveness of antidepressant medications will receive the recognition of psychiatrists.

In modern psychiatry there are dozens of different drugs for the treatment of clinical depression. The problem, however, is that depending on the individual patient they can provide therapeutic effect to different degrees – or such effect may be absent at all.

Unfortunately, to determine the effectiveness of the antidepressants in a few days is impossible – it requires a minimum of 4-6 weeks of medication. Only after this period using a special questionnaire can be set, does a cure result.
But British scientists from Oxford University (Oxford University) has created a method that allows high accuracy to identify the presence or absence of positive changes in the patient’s condition within the first week of taking the medicine.

They found that compared with healthy people, patients suffering from depression are more sensitive to negative information – for example, human faces with neutral or even slightly satisfied expression often perceived by patients as having an expression of pain, sadness, or aggression.

However, during the first few days after you start taking antidepressant that is effective for a particular patient, the perception of the human facial expressions patients is normal – it happens a few weeks before the patient will feel the first symptoms of relief.

On this principle, and founded a new method of assessing the effectiveness of drugs.

Patients at a fast enough rate show images of human faces on the computer display – in this case the appearance of a person having, according to the Respondent, sad, mournful or angry expression, he needs to press.

This testing is conducted before taking antidepressant and 1 week later.

If a drug gives a result, this will lead to a noticeable decrease in error when evaluating the expression. if such a reduction of errors are going to happen, the doctor will have to consider the appointment of another drug.

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