To exclude urogenital disease, need to consult a urologist or andrologist, followed by ultrasound study, blood tests and sperm taking bacteriological smears. For impotence cialis use. If there is a suspicion that your problem is related to hormonal disorders, consult an endocrinologist. May require ultrasound endocrine glands, computed tomography. Laboratory diagnostics will help to establish the level of a hormone in the blood.

Vascular disorders are identified with the Doppler ultrasound. Modern techniques allow to determine quantitative and qualitative indicators of blood supply to the penis. For this purpose are assigned to the functional tests. In the cavernous body of the penis is introduced vasodilator drugs. While comparing the blood pressure in the arteries of the penis and the brachial artery.

To exclude diseases of the brain and spinal cord, and peripheral nerves will help the neurologist. To do this, sometimes appointed several complex studies tomography brain and spinal cord, electroencephalography, electromyography, rheoencephalography.

Assess the mental component of sexual disorder should psychotherapist, sex therapist or psychiatrist. Basic diagnostic technology used by these specialists conversation with the patient, various methods of psychological testing.

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