Nowadays, a growing number of women faced with infertility. It should be noted that this condition can provoke many reasons. The modern woman has negative impact not only stress but also emotional stress and internal diseases, which violates the functionality of the reproductive system. One of them can be attributed to hypothyroidism.

What is the connection between thyroid disease and condition infertility?

As a result of hypothyroidism, reduced thyroid function, thereby affecting a decrease in the number of hormones produced by. This process adversely affects the reproductive activities of the organism, because it affects the maturation of germ cells, fertilization and the effect of the attachment of the ovum in the uterus. Wrong hormones has a negative effect on the further development of the fetus. So do not forget that hypothyroidism, as well as the condition of infertility are closely interrelated.

The fair sex is very difficult to conceive a child, having history of this disease. If the condition still occurs, they should be aware of the greater risk of miscarriage. In the presence of this disorder there is a high probability of development in the unborn baby of various pathologies. This is because the hormonal balance greatly affects the formation of his Central nervous system. This disease is associated with insufficient availability of iodine in the body. To restore the right balance, you need to take special vitamins and also add in the diet is iodized salt. For women, being in position, the daily rate of this element should be increased to 200 mg/day.


According to statistics, this disease affects a large number of women in reproductive age. In order to avoid this issue prevented the conception of a child, it is necessary to try to correct at the stage of pregnancy planning. The women at risk, and not able a long time to conceive, you should pay special attention to it. After diagnosis you do not need much upset and depressed because hypothyroidism is not a sentence. In order to overcome it, you need to follow strict treatment regimens and adhere to all recommendations of experts. To this problem should be taken seriously because the possibility of its elimination, in this case, will depend on the patients themselves.

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