Thomas manning, a resident of Massachusetts, became the first American who was made a penis transplant from a postmortem donor. Surgeons who developed the technique of the operation, I believe that such transplants will return confidence to thousands of men.

In the beginning of this year the United network of US distribution of donor organs (United Network for Organ Sharing) has given permission to conduct transplants of penises from 4 clinics in the US.

It was expected that the first such operation will be performed in the clinic at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore). The first patient was supposed to be a former soldier of the US army, a few years ago received a severe wound of the inguinal region in Afghanistan.

However, for some reason, the first in the history of American medicine transplant “manhood” was held by the surgeons of another medical lead – clinical hospital of Massachusetts in Boston (Massachusetts General Hospital).

The first American doctors “have provided” a new penis was 64-year-old Thomas manning (Thomas Manning), a resident of Halifax (Halifax).

A few years ago, the doctors had almost completely amputated his sexual organ due to aggressive cancer, and then Thomas began to experience not only the attacks of severe depression, but problems with urination.

However, a few days ago the life of manning changed dramatically: during the operation, which was attended by about 50 surgeons and nurses, he was transplanted a penis from a posthumous donor.

The doctors who carried out this unique operation, I think that it may need thousands of fellow sufferers Thomas, who lost his penis due to cancer or accident, as well as the soldiers and officers who were injured in the fighting. One only ex-servicemen who sustained severe disfiguring wounds to the genitals, there are now in the United States, more than 1,300 people.
And the world’s first such surgery performed in December 2014 surgeons from South Africa, Cape town clinic staff, its convenient location (Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town). Organ donor who provided a 21-year-old patient, successfully operates until now.

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