Methods of restoration of blood flow through a major vessel, developed by surgeons, proved to be quite suitable for use in some other area of medicine – stent, saving the heart from a heart attack, now gives men the potency, as well as products.

Over the past decades, surgeons often have to restore blood flow by narrowing of the major blood vessels (primarily feeding the heart) with a stent – a fine metal tube that provides continuous lumen of the vessel.

And the specialists of the medical center at the University of the capital of Wales is Cardiff (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff) for the first time in Europe, used a stent to relieve the patient from erectile dysfunction. Given that, according to doctors, more than half of men aged 40 to 70 years have significant problems with erections, a new method of return of the joys of love can be widely disseminated.

Cholesterol plaques can Deposit on the walls of all blood vessels – not just those that supply blood to the heart muscle. Obstruction of blood flow in the pelvic organs leads to problems of a sexual nature – partial or complete absence of erection.

The use of drugs like viagra has a positive effect only until the lumen of the arteries feeding blood to the male reproductive organ will not be reduced to 10% of normal – in this case, and the legendary “blue pill” are powerless.

On the European continent, the first such operation with a stent in the artery of the penis was performed by the doctor from the clinic Cardiff University Nick Ossei-Gerning (Nick Ossei-Gerning).

First, the artery injection of contrast medium in order to study x-ray helped determine the extent of the seized artery. Then using standard methods, created once surgeons in the lumen of the artery under local anesthesia is applied to the stent, which, having straightened up, reveals the maximum of the lumen of the vessel. The operation lasts no more than three hours, and on the same day the patient goes home.

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