Many people have a kind of warts at once a feeling of disgust, because most of them believe the main cause of warts dirt and poor cleanliness. In fact warts and papillomas may occur not only due to the lack of hygiene, but also as a result of immunosuppression, which leads to formation of warts. The cause of warts is the human papilloma virus. Most often it enters the body through the cracks of the skin.

Everyone knows what warts and papillomas look like, but how to get rid of them once and for all don’t know everything. Today there are many ways to get rid of warts.
One of the most effective drugs is ointment warts Verrucae.

This ointment destroys the warts and papillomas, acts gently, without touching healthy tissue. Therefore, after applying ointment on the skin is not left scars.

Apply the ointment from warts you need to use applicator directly to the wart, avoiding the capitulation of the ointment on the nearby skin. This drug is well established in the treatment of warts and papillomas, as well as dry corn.

It is not allowed to apply the ointment on the mucous surface and heavily sweating skin.
Before applying the medication it is necessary that the treated skin area was in a horizontal position, then accidentally got a drop of ointment will not spread. When removing larger warts and warts surrounding healthy skin you need to protect zinc ointment(zinc oxide).The drug should be applied slowly, exactly on the treated area.

After applying the medication, you must wait for the complete absorption of the ointment. After some time it will darken and disappear. Larger warts it is recommended to treat multiple times.

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