Success led to an unusual operation conducted American surgeons. They replaced the patient affected by a severe accident, a damaged elbow joint right hand joint, taken from his left dormant limbs.

The first in the history of medicine “autologous” transplantation of the elbow joint was successfully conducted by the doctors from the medical center of the University of California in the city of Parnassus (UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus).

In 2009, a resident of the state of Texas (Texas) named Reginald cook (Reginald Cook) nearly died in a severe road accident.

Doctors managed to save his life, but cook was crippled: his left arm ceased to function due to irreversible nerve damage and postoperative infection, and the right not unbend at the elbow joint, and was permanently bent at a 90┬░angle.
During the operation, which lasted 12 hours, a medical team of 10 surgeons had replaced the elbow joint in the right hand of Reginald joint of his left hand.

The operation was preceded by meticulous work: using a computer at first, the doctors held a “rehearsal” first in the world transplantation of the elbow joint using three-dimensional images of both arms and both joints 37-year-old patient.

That the operation was successful, it was announced a month after her: now, Reginald can bring previously immobile right hand to the face. He also told reporters that after the operation he recovered tactile sensation in the hand.

Doctors believe that after a course of rehabilitation Reginald over the next year will be able to dress themselves and to eat food, he was deprived of this opportunity for the past 7 years.

Due to the fact that the transplant has used his own joint Reginald don’t have to take until the end of life drugs that prevent rejection.

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