The best way to permanently replace missing teeth is the use of the implant. There are two basic methods for the placement of implants. They can be placed either through a procedure consisting of one stage or two stage surgical technique. The first option involves one complete phase, during which implantation occurs. The second option requires a second operation after the initial training. The choice of methodology is done by a specialist, depending on various parameters. It is worth to consider the recommendations of doctors and General indicators of health status.

Procedure one-stage type of gum is located along the Central part of the dental intervention. For the connection of the implant with the bone is used a special metal product, which root through the gum tissue. After 3-6 months healing period, the implant where the implement to the bone, a crown is placed on the implant. This is the final stage of the procedure, which does not require recovery. That is never the same after fitting a crown can seek an immediate appearance of healthy, normal tooth. Implant system, single-stage, usually used when the bone quality is good. For example, bone and tissue at a young age recover fairly quickly, ensuring a good primary stability of the implant. This method of treatment is also used in cosmetic treatment option. To know the price of implant placement is now possible using specialized dental clinic, find the cost of the procedure on the site Here it is necessary to take into account the exact method of procedure and its complexity. However, prices for many procedures in the field of dentistry is established in the form of tariffs.

Under special conditions an implant can be placed simultaneously with the crown. This is a special form of treatment, which requires ideal conditions and surgical experience at the dentist, and crowns, for which were used techniques of innovative manufacturing. The one-stage placement of implants is regarded as know-how. To do this type of dentistry, as not all clinics, but there are exceptions to the rule. While patients can be selected and the classical methods of treatment. It all depends on their current health status.

Generally safe and reasonable method for implantation is dvuhetapnyh option. The best experts can do the work in one go, but much will depend on the patient.

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