Very often people who have any blemish or defect, discomfort in social society. Ignorant people can make fun of this external disadvantage, which is a big disappointment.

Fortunately, modern techniques allow us to correct almost any defect, for example, lumps bisha or droopy ears without causing serious injury. To date, the development of plastic surgery and cosmetology has reached such a level that you can fix a variety of flaws.

One of the effective methods of elimination of defects appearance is otoplasty is the correction of the auricles. This surgery is recommended for adults and children, but before the vote, it is better to carefully examine all existing types, their advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on the manner of implementation are distinguished:

  • classic plastic, performed with a scalpel;
  • laser ear surgery, using a laser beam.

Among the advantages of otoplasty with laser can be distinguished:

  • minimal blood loss;
  • the accuracy and efficiency of performance;
  • the operation under local anesthesia;
  • reduce the risk of infection or other complications.

The types of ear plastic surgery

Correction of the ears is already not the first decade, at the moment there are a great many kinds of techniques, among which can be divided into two main areas:

Aesthetic plastic. Be performed to correct the shape of the ears, to correct an aesthetic flaw or give them a more attractive appearance;

Reconstructive plastic. It is recommended in cases of damage to the ears or with congenital defects that were triggered by various factors such as, injury or disability.

Surgery is best done in childhood after 4 years, when the auricle finally formed and the doctor will be able to diagnose various abnormalities: the droopy ears, ear deformity and other defects.


Before surgery a patient’s guide to a thorough examination to ensure the absence of the following diseases:

  • acute infection;
  • the active form of chronic diseases;
  • skin rashes in the region of the ears;
  • diseases of ENT;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Oncology;
  • AIDS or HIV;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • tierlexikon.

It is also not recommended to carry out the operation in pregnancy and menstruation.

Timely plastic surgery of the ears will save you from the ridicule in childhood to protect the child from complexes and other psychological problems.

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