Soon one of the ships of the Swiss city of Zurich will be hearing strange things. A young woman demands that the court ordered her friend to remove the tattoo from his arm: unrequited love the nurse had decorated her extremity face of the plaintiff.

36-year-old Swiss was not interested, by what method former medical technician at a clinic in Zurich (Zurich) will remove the image from your hand – for her, the main thing that her friend could not show a “compromising” lady tattoo passers-by.

The woman met with the “nurse” (now former) when was undergoing treatment for depression at a psychiatric clinic of Zurich – the case was very heavy, and the patient had to spend in the hospital for several months.

During this time her new friend, with whom the woman spoke during his duty, not only imbued with sympathy for the patient, but also fell in love with her.

However, when he confessed his feelings to a former patient after her discharge, reciprocity is not met, and the object of his adoration was asked never to bother her.

For some time the nurse had not made itself felt, but recently sent former patient an email message with your photos feelings forced him to put in the tattoo parlor expressive portrait of a woman at your hand.

Lawyers for the plaintiff argue that the defendant was not entitled to use a woman’s picture without her knowledge, and the court should oblige him to remove a tattoo as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the story of an unusual lawsuit was leaked to a Swiss newspaper, after which the administration of the psychiatric clinic fired immediately enamored of the employee, considering his behavior is a violation of medical ethics.

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