Various skin diseases continue to haunt a person even in the modern world, one of them psoriasis. In most cases, this disease is genetic and obstinate, but by applying an integrated approach there is an opportunity to achieve long-term relapse. Other common causes are: error in the functioning of the immune system, nervous diseases and stresses, diseases of the endocrine and hormonal system. Disease manifests itself in various spots on almost any area of the body.

On the Internet you can find many photos of psoriasis, so if you have red spots you to compare them, but better to go to the doctor with this problem. Accurate diagnosis will allow to identify the disease, a detailed study of the history, but also their sick relatives, will give 100% accuracy. External diagnosing common man will not bring more accurate diagnosis, as non-contagious psoriasis is similar to many other diseases.


Because medicine is still not able to cure the disease, we offer a range of other tools, both external and internal exposure. The most common are ointments and pills based on corticosteroids. This type of medication can suppress in the area of application of the immune response and reduce inflammation (ointment), for internal use, same thing happens. We also used other non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs are able to suppress redness.

psoriasis on golovanevskaya to understand that a cure for psoriasis have contraindications, so apply them yourself. During treatment, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and keep the nerve calm, as any stress is able to quickly return the disease. Another drug can be salicylic ointment, which is keratolytic. It can help to keep a slight degree of the disease. The benefits of an ointment in a small price and great portability.

The disease can be localized on the head. If you have psoriasis on the head treatment will be almost the same, but may include special shampoos and lotions. Helps to cope with UV radiation, but it should be in moderation. If the crust formed, then they need to go, it will help to absorb the medication.

After the treatment, it is necessary to observe a mode, to maintain health, to use vitamins. If you can set yourself up for a cure, you can forget this disease for a long time.

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