Involuntarily “stuck” in my head melody is quite strong irritant and can interfere with work and leisure. To get rid of Intrusive music, sounding in the brain, it is not easy, but psychologists from England know some simple and effective methods.

Now music is all around us: in cars, in taxis and even supermarkets, not to mention the smartphones that we every day for a few hours turn into players favorite tunes.

Popular music, especially if you listen to it several times during the day throughout the week (normally observed in the “promotion” of new songs on the FM radio) can be a real nightmare.

Therefore, scientists from University College London (University College of London) proposes to get rid of the haunting melodies in my head as early as possible using a few simple techniques.

First of all, should be a time to listen to the song from the beginning and the end, as unpleasant as that was. According to psychologists, the melody gets stuck in your brain more often the case, eating her audition had been interrupted in the middle. Often there is an interrupt, the stronger the brain “wants” to finish singing the song to the end.

Effective from catchy songs is also chewing gum, although the physiological mechanism of this phenomenon is not clear.

Another method of getting rid of Intrusive ringtones is an application of the principle of “like cures like”. In this case, it is necessary to loudly sing a few songs, except, of course, the one that stuck in my head.

Good help and communication with other people – including on the phone. In many cases it is enough to call a friend or work colleague and to communicate to him that the song ceased their endless play in the brain.

We should not forget about the means of prevention… Scientists strongly recommend to never tapping fingers in time to the music – it increases the risk that she quietly penetrate into the brain, where it can turn into a haunting nightmare.

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