Numerous dietary Supplements to improve the potency, which is played on all TV channels may soon disappear from television, and from pharmacies. Instead they use kamagra. Against them he fought from the Supervisory authorities, the Association of manufacturers of dietary Supplements, the Union of professional partorganizatsii and the pharmacy Guild. They are composed of 80% of “food supplements” was discovered chemical substances that are included with prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. In some specimens the dosage was even higher than in drugs. And not to fall for the counterfeit, most inventive manufacturers have placed an active substance inside the capsule, and the outer gelatin shell.


The first back in 2011 had a hunch, a pharmaceutical company “Pfizer Russia”, which is sent to an English laboratory falsified medical products EMEA package with the purchased samples of “Sealeks Forte.” And as shown by the tests, all samples contained drug for the therapy of various erectile dysfunction men tadalafil with the dosage of 13.42 mg/tab (he Tadalafil comes in tablet form with dosages of the active ingredient, 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg). The minutes of these and other studies were presented Tuesday at a press conference on the trafficking of counterfeit drugs on the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Pfizer sent the results of research in the Federal service and received an official response that tadalafil “Celexa” does not contain. However, on 15 August 2012 Rospotrebnadzor in the Khabarovsk region on its official website published information about the detection of BAD “Sealeks Forte” of tadalafil and called for greater production control production.

In November 2012, the developer is “Tadalafil”, British pharmacore Elly Lilly sent Rospotrebnadzor research protocols on the presence of “Sealeks Forte” for its pharmaceutical substances. But in response received clarification that the study was BAD on the content of the drugs is not possible, as it is not within the competence of the Service. In February 2013, Elly Lilly made another attempt to deal with the illegal use of pharmaceutical substances and were purchased for analysis of 15 images of “Sealeks Forte”, “Alikaps” and “Tongkat Ali platinum” in several regions of the Russian Federation. In total tadalafil was detectable in all samples, in the amount of 13.4 mg/caps. up to 23 mg/caps. (“Tongkat Ali Platinum”). However, this case did not progress.

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