Among skin diseases psoriasis is one of the leading positions. Incidence of psoriasis is quite high. This is due to the modern pace of life, harmful habits, chronic stressful situations. Psoriasis usually has a chronic course with a tendency of deterioration in adverse for the body periods. For example, the disease can worsen in adolescence, during pregnancy, during menopause. This is due to the significant hormonal fluctuations.

Great importance to prevent the recurrence of the disease is diet. A rational diet for psoriasis some limitations. Universal rules of nutrition for psoriasis does not exist. The diet is determined for each person individually, taking into account characteristics of the organism. The General principle of diet in this disease is the limitation of acidic foods and increasing the amount of alkaline. Systematic adherence to proper nutrition will reduce the frequency of exacerbations and improve the quality of life of the patient with psoriasis.

In addition to a balanced diet, there are rules of skin care and scalp . Proper skin care for psoriasis includes the use of special hygienic and cosmetic means on the basis of the softening, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing ingredients. For skin care they use different shampoos based on tar, zinc and other substances. Presented in pharmacies the number of beauty and treatment series for skin care and hair. How to choose the right means? it all depends on the stage of the pathological process and severity of symptoms. Medicated creams and shampoos are used during a flare-up, and cosmetic — in the period of remission as a maintenance therapy.

Psoriasis during beremennosti attention exacerbation of psoriasis during pregnancy. Relapse of psoriasis during pregnancy is difficult to treat because the woman bears a child, most drugs are contraindicated. Approved drugs are assigned to a pregnant woman with caution and under strict medical supervision. When assigning funds from psoriasis always evaluate the relationship between benefits to women and the possible harm to the unborn child. The full treatment is carried out after delivery with some amendments because of breastfeeding.

Cure psoriasis fully possible only in rare cases. But the observance of all medical recommendations will increase the intervals between relapses and, thus, to improve the quality of life.

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