In the EU varenicline, a drug designed for treatment of nicotine addiction more as a drug, with dangerous side effects on the psyche. The question of the “rehabilitation” of varenicline also seen in the United States.

About 10 years on the market of medicines there’s a new drug varenicline (trade name Champix, Chantix), which facilitated the painful symptoms of withdrawal syndrome in smokers who decided to give up the habit. The creation of varenicline have generated considerable enthusiasm for millions of fans of tobacco smoke are unable to quit on their own, and the optimism of treatment professionals involved in the treatment of nicotine dependence.

Soon, however, in the scientific press began to appear reports that the intake of varenicline is allegedly linked to the development of serious side effects, primarily the increased risk to commit suicide.

As a result of 7 years ago, the European medicines Agency (European Medicines Agency), as well as Management of quality control food and drug administration (FDA) has accepted the decision according to which on the packaging of the drug appeared warning him of danger.

Boxes with varenicline was “branded” with a black triangle in the countries of the European Union and the black rectangle in the USA inside these geometric shapes fit text reporting on a possible increased risk of suicide while taking the drug.

Of course, such warnings have led to the fact that patients have to refuse treatment of nicotine dependence with varenicline – and the doctors began with great caution to his appointment.

However, additional studies of the properties of varenicline with the participation of 8 144 smokers from 16 countries found no increased risk of committing suicide as a result of taking the drug for 12 weeks.

As a result, in the beginning of this week, the European medicines Agency has decided that packages varenicline and from the text of the regulations needs to be removed a warning about its ability to raise the risk of suicide. A representative of the FDA announced that the specialists of this Department are currently closely studying the results of a new study.

The study also was again proven high therapeutic effect varenicline. Six months later, after treatment, did not smoke, 22% of participants taking the drug, and 9% of subjects in the control group who received a placebo.

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