Never during the entire 25-year history of the triumphant March of the planet it did not cause enthusiasm among doctors. Now to the apprehension of oncologists about the potential dangers of mobile phones has increased and gloomy conviction of the psychiatrists.

The results of the study, which was conducted by scientists from South Korea (Republic of Korea), indicate that a significant number of modern mobile phone users suffer from a specific neurosis, which can be called “a fear of battery drain of the smartphone.”

As you know, due to the high performance of modern smartphones consume much more power than mobile phones of old models 10-15 years ago. Many owners of smartphones that make heavy use of the numerous capabilities of their gadgets, the full charge not enough for 1 day.

A survey of 2,000 adult smartphone owners showed that strong fear of miss the important call after automatically turning off the gadget because of low battery has experienced 41% of respondents. 32% reported that finding sound and light signals warning of a discharged battery will drop everything and rush home to charge your “mobile friend”.

42% of respondents admitted that if such a signal will appear on the way to the gym or the pool, they would prefer to skip the workout and come home to charge the battery of the smartphone. In addition, 60% of respondents said that after the signal on the battery is low, immediately turn off the smartphone, to be able to use it in the case of “absolutely necessary”.

The authors of this study identified the symptoms of “syndrome of low battery of the smartphone”… the presence of neurosis we can say if the owner observed:

  • the willingness to turn to a complete stranger asking to use his charger;
  • the ability irritably to communicate with boss or loved one for missed calls and text messages;
  • the tendency to make unnecessary ordering in a bar or restaurant solely for access to an electrical outlet;
  • readiness without the permission to use the charger work colleagues;
  • the possession of 3 or more chargers for smartphones.

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