In the largest University publishing planet, a book that may interest every pediatrician, at least a little reading in English. A group of scientists has identified the 50 most relevant for today’s scientific works in the field of Pediatrics.

Oxford University press (Oxford University press) published the book “50 studies that everyone should know the pediatrician” (“50 studies every pediatrician needs to know”).

A unique publication was prepared by a team of 5 scientists, employees of several American universities. The authors interviewed dozens of leading pediatricians US about which of the known research in the field of children’s diseases are of the greatest practical value.

On the basis of the information obtained and identified the “Golden fifty” publications.

The book has 16 chapters devoted to various aspects of Pediatrics: pediatric cardiology, pediatric Oncology, and the like.
After the presentation of the content and results useful for scientific works indicated and evaluation of an article by other scientists, also shows the most typical specific clinical examples and opinions of the opponents.

“Now, almost daily published dozens of scientific researches in the field of Pediatrics, however not all are equally valuable. The undergraduate medical faculty or the young doctor found it difficult to navigate the ocean of information, and our book will be a guide for pediatricians,” says the Professor of Ashunta Anderson (Ashaunta Anderson) from the University of California at riverside (University of California, riverside).

She Ashunta Anderson, who has mastered a few medical specialties, but in the end made a choice in favor of Pediatrics, wrote 13 of the 50 sections.

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