Stuttering is a complex problem that requires serious work. Stuttering children are very worried about this defect, so the task of parents — to help to overcome it but need to know how to act.

The first issue of concern to moms and dads is when to start the correction. It is important to act as early as possible, i.e. as soon as it becomes apparent that the child stutters, you should start to solve this problem, then it will take much less time. In childhood it is much easier to overcome stuttering in adulthood, when it is already fully formed.

Stuttering is different, so it is very important to determine its type before you start treating. For example, there is such a diagnosis as logoneurosis, this disease usually occurs after any trauma, are also logoneurosis inherent in children who have congenital problems with the Central nervous system.

There is neurozopodobne stuttering, there is the stuttering gradually, not suddenly, stuttering becomes noticeable when he starts talking in complete sentences.

Stuttering treatment is a complex treatment, for a start, the child needs a complete exam, doctors must determine the type of stuttering and to give the child and his parents further recommendations. Very often, stuttering begins to treat psychologist, he teaches the child to relax, calm down, control your emotions, it is important to increase the resilience of the child to stress, then it will be possible to minimize stuttering, and to teach the baby to control him. Also usually prescribe medications that relieve muscle tension and have a calming effect, but the drugs appoints only neurologist.

Also sometimes you have to work with a speech pathologist who helps the child to correct his speech when necessary neurozopodobna stuttering, as speech therapy is the primary here. The neurologist also watching the children with this type of stuttering, monitoring the dynamics and, if necessary, can prescribe a variety of drugs.

The help of parents is also very necessary, they must ensure that the child complied with the mode of the day, sufficient time was sleeping with the baby you need to speak slowly, calmly, no need to interrupt the child and the more it fit. With children who stutter, to behave very carefully so as not to aggravate the problem.

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