The world health organization issued a special press release, which is dedicated to estimating the probability of outbreaks of zika virus fever in Europe. This risk is assessed as low, but in three countries it may increase to moderate.

So far all the messages on an unprecedented scale outbreak of zika virus fever in the countries of South and Central America had for the inhabitants of the Old world somewhat abstract in nature, due to the considerable remoteness of the region.

But the latest press release who must put an end to “complacent” towards distant and seemed an unlikely danger.
According to who experts, the real, though assessed as low, the risk of mosquitoes infected with zika virus, threatens 18 countries in Europe – the list is headed by France, Italy and Europe.

In these 18 countries the risk is assessed as low due to the fact that they are mosquitoes of the species Aedes albopictus, which are less likely to become infected with zika virus compared to their more dangerous relatives aegypti mosquitoes of the species Aedes aegypti.

However, in a press release, who named the three regions of Europe, in which the probability of outbreak of viral fever zika is the most high due to the expansion of the habitat of Aedes aegypti in these countries.

To potentially dangerous regions related black sea coast of Georgia and the Russian Federation, as well as the Madeira archipelago (Madeira), which, although located off the coast of Africa, however, is an Autonomous region of Portugal (Portugal).

To date, Europe registered more than 400 cases of viral fever Zeke, but all are imported – all the sick Europeans contracted the virus during a stay on other continents.

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