Excessive exposure to sunlight significantly increases the risk of developing not only skin cancer but diseases to the eye. Meanwhile, according to scientists, the glass in the cars of many of today’s models do not provide adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Incorrect (i.e., excessive) tinted glass in the car is the reason for the punishment of the driver in many countries, as, according to traffic police, it leads to reduction of light transmission glass and increases the risk of accident.

But on the other hand, the absence of toning is at least the front side Windows, located to the left of the driver and to the right of the seated passenger, can significantly increase the risk of development of malignant tumors of the skin and cataracts in those who have to spend in the car much of the time.

And the staff of the Institute of diseases of the organs of vision boxer, Wachler in the U.S. city of Beverly hills (Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills) found that even in a modern car models such glass is not enough to protect drivers and passengers from UV subtype A (UV-A), which in contrast to the ultraviolet radiation of the subtype are not delayed ordinary glass.

The researchers tested flow rate of the UV-A in 29 models, released the world’s 15 largest car manufacturers.

They report that the windshield of all the cars provided protection from UV-A, but the front side Windows provided such protection only 14% of cars.

The results of this study indirectly explain the reasons why many people in the US that the vast majority use cars almost every day, malignant tumors of the skin are more common on the left as well as cataract more often affects the left eye.

To reduce the risk, you can either use the factory tinted front side Windows insulated film, either replacement of such special glasses that provide enhanced protection from dangerous UV rays.

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