Too small and the excessive weight of the newborn are only the tip of the iceberg of indicating that prenatal development of the baby was not perfect. Scientists have discovered long-term effects of anomalies birth weight.

According to researchers from the United States, children who were born with insufficient body weight, as well as “heroes”, whose weight at birth exceeded 4-4. 5 kg, significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease years later, when they grow up.

This discovery was made by scientists from the University of Augusta (Augusta University), who examined 575 schoolchildren aged 14-18 years.
A researchers also had data on weight and body length (growth) of the participants at the time of birth.

Scientists have discovered that too large and too small birth weight was associated with increased number of so-called visceral fat (fat located under skin and surrounding internal organs) and increased levels of insulin in the blood during adolescence.

Such changes in the body increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

But even more important was the discovery that a significant amount of visceral fat and elevated insulin levels frequently encountered in adolescents who were born with low birth weight and 14-17 years had a normal body type or even skinny.

The body mass index were in the normal range – if not for the examination, they for many years could be unaware that their health status is precarious.

What’s more – the researchers found that unlike children who were born with more weight, study participants who were born with insufficient body weight, often failed to reduce the amount of visceral fat and reduce insulin levels even with the help of regular exercise.

The authors of this study remind that the risk of having babies with low birth weight increases pregnant smokers. In addition, to reduce the long-term effects the baby is born with insufficient body weight, you can use continuous breastfeeding.

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