Today in the market of wheelchairs you can see a large diversity of types, configuration and design. The most basic division is by type of drive. On this basis it is possible to allocate wheelchair with manual and electric drive.

Wheelchair wheelchairs with manual transmission

One of the key elements of a wheelchair are the armrests, which by way of attachment are divided into removable and non-removable and hinged. Each such method has its pros and cons that you should consider: fixed integrally attached to the frame and give the structure greater rigidity, ensuring durability, and the removable and hinged less durable, but are easily transplanted patient on the bed and back. At the request produced a long armrests.

The footrest is also removable or non-removable, and there are models with built-in orthopedic support. Fixed are in fact lug one-piece frame and are the cheapest. Removable make the process directly to the chair easier, and allow for easy storage of the chair. Type of tripping is often selected individually for a particular disease.

The choice of wheels also implies a number of nuances. Cast tires are durable and good in one case, the patient most of the time is spent indoors. However, if the stroller will be used on the street, is to prefer pneumococus giving the best cushioning and easy care.

Frame wheel chairs often is made of steel. In special cases use aluminum or chrome. There are wheelchairs with folding frames, are easier to store and transport because they take up very little space.

There are also special types of wheelchairs: active, sporty and baby. Active give the patient maximum mobility thanks to a complex system of regulation that allows us to adjust the chair to the peculiarities of each individual.

Sports use athletes with disabilities. Such models are much lighter and stronger than normal, moreover, always be very accurately adjusted, so their production is possible only under the order. Children are also produced, taking into account peculiarities of age and disease, among them also share a regular and active model.

Invalid wheelchairs with the electric drive

The main design feature of these strollers are batteries. Managing electroceram is carried out using the joystick built into the armrest with one side or the other. These chairs can reach the speed of 10 km/h and passing to 25-35 km without recharging.

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